Everyday's an endless night...

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31 March 1984
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This skeleton town with snakes in the grass
Where every single breath you take might be your last
And even when you find the love it's fake
And everything you try to touch will break...

adult alternative pop/rock, air traffic, alterkicks, anderson luis de souza, anna chakvetadze, avion, battle, be kind rewind, berlin, biathlon, bike, bloc party, canon eos 400d, charlize theron, chris carrabba, colors in the air, cross country, cska moscow, cut copy, dashboard confessional, deco, doctor zoidberg, douglas coupland, eat my shorts, editors, ekaterina iourieva, eskobar, everybody loves hypnotoad!!!, family guy, flushed away, football, força portugal!, futurama, gaspard ulliel, guillemots, guitar, gоd bless bloc party, hard-fi, head in the clouds, hoobastank, hope of the states, howie day, hypnotoad, i'm walking on sunshine, incubus, indie, indie rock, interpol, jason wade, javier saviola, jimmy eat world, keane, klaxons, kremlin cup, la science des reves, lifehouse, lifehouse is love, lisboa, lo-fi-fnk, lost ocean, manchester united, milburn, mute math, my blueberry nights, mystery jets, nada surf, new order, one night only, paolo nutini, penelope cruz, philip j. fry, photography, portugal, professor lava hot!!!, rafael nadal, relient k, rock, saint petersburg, sevilla, simple plan, snow patrol, south park, sport activities, starsailor, stereophonics, tennis, the afters, the calling, the cinematics, the dandy warhols, the dykeenies, the enemy, the feeling, the fray, the kooks, the maccabees, the pigeon detectives, the scene aesthetic, the simpsons, the sunshine underground, the twang, the upper room, tom tykwer, travis, yeti, вечерний автобус, встречать рассвет, инди-хуинди, московские переулки, музыкальная капельница в машине, настольный теннис, смотреть ковер,

Social capital

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